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Energy Freedom Systems

My name is Marek Klonowski, I have been working in renewable energy sector for past 10 years. Before that I have been working at sea in my original profession marine electrical engineering.

Working with big 2MW wind turbines, dealing with grid issues, planning permissions and environmental , land owners and their personal approach,  and pressure from big corporations who were "the clients" - was not much fun... that was that side of renewable energy systems build only for money at the end... and after deeply understanding and discovering that I have moved to micro generation what is my big passion now. Off grid versions of those small scale systems give total energy independence from public grid, and feeling of freedom. On grid versions for people who want to reduce their energy consumption, gives also! feeling of freedom, but technically is not total :). That's why ENERGY FREEDOM SYSTEMS appeared in Bettystown co.Meath. Ireland in 2014.

Masters degree in electrical engineering (level 9), member of Engineers Ireland (chartered engineer on the way), registered with SEAI renewable installer, RECI registered electrical contractor. But that's just papers... I like what I am doing, I love electricity and I am passionate about renewable energy systems, energy storage and electric transport. 

Involved in non profit ideas financed by Greenpeace to promote green energy in Poland - 15 projects on schools, Off grid system with 9kWh LiPoFE4 battery and 16kW PV power (where 6kW on tracker). Movie form this event called "eco power village" on Woodstock Festival here. Working closely with PAN on new power generation system in Antarctic (polish polar station Arctowski) and many many other projects. Have Fronius and Victron Energy direct distribution to supply customers with best pricing and direct service.

I was born in Gryfino, Poland, in 1979, and spent much of my youth sailing on the Odra River. I graduated from Gydnia University, got some off shore jobs, and came to Ireland in 2006 after hitch hiking from NY to  Alaska. I worked for a year for Kilkenny Treatment Systems, and while there I commissioned water purification plants for them in both Sligo and Galway. Following this I decided to return to Canada, hoping to climb  mt.Logan in winter. A few months later I felt Ireland was calling me back, and I returned for good, where I now enjoy kite surfing, and soaking in the real wonder of this beautiful island nation...

6 year work for Wind Prospect Ireland was a real pleasure... I had a chance to open company ... After 3 years we got big (really BIG) investor entering to our projects of wind farms in Poland in capacity of few hundred MW. Number of staff employed by Wind Prospect Polska  in Warsaw increased to more than 10. Suddenly polish coal and energy corporations started burning "bio-mass" with the coal in existing coal power plants calling that green energy. Price of green energy dropped and few other factors had a influence on existing situation that most of wind farms constructed by western investors before that, belong now to polish energy corporations now. 

I am big fan of Jaque Fresco and the Venus Project - alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. Maybe that's why I like off grid systems most and systems with increased self consumption. Beside micro generation I am father of 2 boys, spending free time  swimming, kitesurfing, climbing, traveling and making movies.