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Energy Auditing

An Energy Audit is a decisive review of how energy is being used and where it is being wasted. It is the first step towards energy management and energy cost savings.

In carrying out an energy audit, we first identify and evaluate all energy uses, and then recommend effective energy and cost saving methods. We rank recommendations according to investment cost and payback period and many of the recommendations will pay for themselves through energy savings in a short timeframe.

We will request copies of your business’s invoices for electricity, natural gas, water, and heating oil to determine energy usage patterns. At least two years will give a clearer picture of energy use but as many as is practicable will suffice. Where available we will request your detailed time of use metering data from ESB.

Then we carry out a survey and inspect all areas of your facility to identify energy use and look for energy waste. Observations are made in every room and a list is made of everything that consumes energy. This includes production and process plant, lighting, heating, cooling, computers, office machines, vending machines, water coolers, and other energy consuming devices. As information is gathered patterns of energy use are established by asking questions such as: How many hours is the room used? How long are the lights on each day? How are the heating and cooling systems controlled? Are the computers programmed to hibernate?


From country to country there is different government support to big scale renewable technologies. Sometimes there is set energy tariff or "rocks" for wind turbines or PV, sometimes green certificates, sometimes auctions for green energy.I have spend 7 years getting planning, grid connection, leases, environmental permits for big scale wind farms and PV plants in Poland and Ireland. 

For big scale energy production I can help with system design (for PV full system design in PV SOL and for wind  design in Wind Pro ), fill grid connection applications and act as an consultant in all aspects in both technologies PV and Wind.

you might be interested in annual renewable report 2013 from transmission system operator and for more techincal details how to connect to the grid (which is the most important part of the investment ) you will find of Irish Wind Energy Association website