Energy Freedom Systems Ltd

Laravoolta, P47PN88, Enniskeane


mob: 0872305071 (better send email)

VAT: IE3510845GH

non profit projects for Greenpeace Polska

As a part of rage against the system I have designed and manage construction of 10+ renewable systems as non profit work for Greenpeace Polska. Most of the projects are located on schools and reduce their consumption (projects were designed based on energy bills from past year ). That Greenpeace project is for promotion of renewable technologies and they located in areas where coal corporations want to dig out brown coal !

here is my movie showing some of the installations and coal power plant near my home town in Poland

below GP HQ in Warsaw with solar log installed (allows to monitor import,export and consumption ) can show dashboard


Below Brody school. here you can see monitoring portal and see current school (that first school in the movie called Brody) consumption, production and export (change on the top tab )


below school with 5kW PV system plus 2kW VAWT


you can find more photos on our google+ page (link at the bottom of website )