Energy Freedom Systems Ltd

Laravoolta, P7PN88, Enniskeane


mob: 0872305071

VAT: IE3510845GH

increased self consumption / off grid wind and solar system

co.Donegal windy and sometimes sunny. Most advanced increased self consumption system in Ireland. 4x160 Ah lithium batteries, Victron Multiplus inverter charger 5kW, windspot wind turbine with 6kW SMA Windy Boy inverter, 7x250Wp policrystalic solar modules with 1.5kW inverter. Immersun energy router with 3kW immersion heater.

  It works that way:

  • before energy is being exported from system to grid -batteries getting charged first
  • before energy is being imported from the grid - batteries getting discharged
  • when battery is full and still excess of generation to demand - energy is directed to immersion heater via immersun
  • when grid goes off in the area system switch to 100% off grid

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