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off grid system on Woodstock festival

2016 3rd time setting up this off grid system and sharing free energy - more photos

2015 Second off grid system on Woodstock festival on based on Victron gear  more photos

2014 non profit work for Greenpeace. Design 16 kW off grid system with 9kWh LI-Po battery storage. That have been used for "eco village" on XXth Woodstock Festival. 

centrum dowodzenia mocą

Whole system has been based on Sunny Island 6.0H off grid inverter.

wnętrze Sunny Island 6.0H

Eco village has been supplying with a power all people who wanted to come charge mobile or drink tea.

Bateria LIPO pojemosci 9kWh

few shots from the air

here Greenpeace movie about this event