Energy managment

>200 kW

Big commercial systems, multi MW systems for energy producers. Planning required for big wind turbines and high area PV. An energy audit is a decisive review of how energy is being used and where it is being wasted. It is the first step towards energy management and energy cost savings.

Financial benefits

In carrying out an energy audit, we first identify and evaluate all energy uses, and then recommend effective energy and cost saving methods. We rank recommendations according to investment cost and payback period and many of the recommendations will pay for themselves through energy savings in a short timeframe.

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4 reasons to choose
Energy Freedom:

4 reasons to choose
Energy Freedom:

Govt. Recognized

Irish registered company - registered electrical contractor (RECI). Approved installer by Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) what puts EFS in a front line for government financially supported projects.


With over 5000+ kW portfolio of completed installation designs including, on grid, off grid and increased self consumption with energy storage technology puts Energy Freedom in strong market position in Irish growing renewable sector.

Leading Technology

We act as direct distributor and partner of world leading brands like Fronius, Victron Energy, various lithium battery manufacturers like Pylontech, BYD or Tesla. There is no single device there which is outside of our reach and no system to big or to small.

Quality of Service

Proper design, construction, service and monitoring of renewable energy systems are the keys for high energy yields. It's our target to harvest as much as possible that's why design stage and good quality components is very important to us.