Stay Independent


What is energy independence?


Properly designed electrical micro grid can function without the presence of the national grid or generator. Percentage of independence, in other words self-sufficiency is a factor of energy storage size and how much energy you are able to generate from solar, wind or water renewable generator.


Being able to generate your own energy simply makes you happy. It is that standard feeling of owning something like car, home, bicycle, camera, or energy. Energy Generation is one part of the joy, but storing it, and being able to stay independent from public grid is pure happiness.

Other benefits

Grid tie solar systems are no doubt good investment today. If you can use all generated energy, then it should pay back sooner or later. Payback time depends on your current energy price from national grid and that usually goes up!

Micro generation

<40 kW


<200 kW

Energy managment

>200 kW


Generate and store
your own energy

Technology is finally here! I would not say just in time as solar cell was invited a while ago, but finally affordable. Solar is so easy today, all you need is space. As for batteries, there are so many electric cars, it is only a matter of time when they will be connected to the house and serve as an energy storage.

Energy Freedom Education


Education and professionalism

Passion to energy brought us here, business or search for independence. Everything is hard and difficult before it’s easy…

I would say my potential is lost when I am preforming physical work, installing systems, drilling holes etc. Teaching and sharing knowledge is the way to go… that will bring the best benefits to all of us.

Understanding voltage as a water pressure and current as actual water current flow (oh, yes it can be strong) let you “see” electrical energy. If you go farther you can imagine magnetic field and get yourself beside source and receiver.

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