Energy Hill


At the end of Europe far in West Cork there is a house heated with ground sourced heat pump. Energy Hill (300m from the house) is supplying most of the energy needs for that place. 6kW ABB solar inverter is harvesting power from 24 ground mounted solar panels and 6kW ABB wind inverter is loading 2 bladed wind turbine with carbon blades (6m rotor diameter) with 6kW Ginlong PMG.

House is using up to 3MWh of energy in winter months. You can see perfectly how wind energy if filling energy gaps for solar during winter months. 18.6 MWh of energy was generated just in 2020 on energy hill (solar system was added to wind turbine in 2017). There is also testing site for small 2.8kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine manufactured by Ecorote.

There is no energy storage yet and 40% of generated energy was exported to the grid in 2020.

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