Fully Electric Big House


Irish 800 sq meter house with 2 air to water heat pumps, solar system installed on barn 32 modules (340Wp) on SOUTH, 24 modules west, and 32 modules north. 3 x single phase Fronius grid tie inverters are responsible for harvesting solar power (2 x Primo 8.2, 1 x Primo 6kW)

House has single phase grid connection but can stay fully functional without presence of national grid thanks to 15 kVA Victron Quattro inverter charger and 15 x 2.2kWh Pylontech lithium batteries.

There is also 2 x 7,2 kW single phase car chargers (Zappi by myenergi) and one 3kW hot water power diverter (Eddi by myenergi). They can use surplus energy to charge car or heat water during those sunny days when batteries are full quickly due to early sunshine.

Client Individual
Country Ireland